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Now whether or not creating a new account was really necessary can still be debatable because I'm to the point of sleep deprivation that I feel like I'm nearly ready to pass out, but anyway this is my new account.

I mainly thought of the idea for two of the biggest reasons -
A) "CameronBingham" (My first/surname) was just stupid and boring looking compared to the rest of the community.
B) I was sick of my nosy friends looking me up on Google and finding my blog. Now yeah, I know, my posts are private but still, hop off?

And as a little background information "fiksu" is a Finnish word meaning "clever", "bright" and other words like that. It sounds cute when you say it too, "feek-su" - haha. :)

Later today I'll be going to a birthday party for my friend Kim (She'll be 17) so I'll try to get pictures.
Anyway enjoy your Easter weekends (Did you notice my Easter-themed wallpaper? ;))

Until a few days from now,
Cameron Bingham.
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