Jun. 22nd, 2011

fiksu: (Britney Spears (01))
I'm pretty sure I couldn't be more excited. In only ONE week I'll be leaving Milwaukee (Wisconsin) and flying to New York (New York) where I'll then find [personal profile] bungalow and be spending two entire weeks with her in Connecticut! :)

So basically what happened was my friend Valentin, the foreign exchange student, was going to leave the 29th of June, but before he left he wanted to go hangout with Morgan (Who he met through myself and other friends) and they asked if I wanted to go. Of course I said I did, but where was I going to get the money for the plane right?

Well right at that very moment, the Gods must have heard me, my dad called and told me that my Uncle David needs help with computers and he'd be willing to pay me on the hour. So my dad said it'd be okay for me to work off my plane ticket! My mom instantly said yes and Morgan's mom and dad said it was fine too! I swear, it was honestly meant to be.

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